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Eventually this page will link to more slide shows and videos.

The plan is to give a little background on the slide show videos here as well.

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2015 August a visit to the Grand Canyon
None available now.
2018, May 5: A visit to The Desert Botanical Garden slide show. In two days we went from 34 to 110 degrees F.

Show Background Stories

Grand Canyon

The images in this show were made in 2015. Most of the canyon images were take from photographs shot by our grand daughter who was quite skilled for her age. One of the enjoyable things we do when she comes to AZ to visit us is to hike. There is almost always a camera in her hand when hiking. This time we camped at the canyon so we could watch the sun rise. A wild fire was sending some light smoke into the canyon that morning. The smoke gives the images a softer look. The music is "What A Wonderful World" taken from an old LP by Montovoni.

The Desert Botanical Garden

This show documents an enjoyable day that my wife and I had at the DBG in May of 2018. We highly recommend a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden if you visit Phoenix.

Granite Mountain Sunrise

This is a time lapse video of the sunrise lighting up Granite Mountain. No photoshop tricks are used to turn the mountain into a golden spectacle. Follow the show link to read more.
2017 December 26: Granite Mountain Sunrise as seen from our breakfast nook.
2018 December 23 Granite Moundain Moonset as seen from our breakfast nook.