We are still "quarantined" because of the COVID-19 virus. I made some photographs of snow and horizon Mts as seen from our deck. The snow in January was 20 inches deep. The panorama shot is of Bill Williams Mt located just south of the town of Williams, AZ. It is a LARGE file, 42MB, so it may take time to load. It consists of 5 images stitched together. Because of its size it is shown below separate from the "slide show" below.

January and Feburary 2021 IMAGES

1. Deck
2. Snow hanging in graceful curve from gutter.
3. Looks like the coast line of AZ but it is a view of clouds in Lonesome Valley below us. The "island" is part of Table Mt 7 miles to the north of our house.
4. Our fountain lady freezing her you know what off.
5. Granite Mt. greeting us in the morning sun.
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Caution, large file of 42 MB. Slow to load but lots of detail when zooming in on a large monitor.