March 2020 IMAGES

Karen and I went to Goldwater Lake to photograph Eagles. They didn't show up but other birds gave us some opportunities. You will see the Goldeneye duck. and the Great Cormorant Blue Herons and other birds that were there for us to enjoy.
Karen captured a neat sequence of the Goldeneye diving, surfacing, and then enjoying a crawdad for his breakfast. Another sequence is of a landing near a fisherman who seemed oblivious.

The one eagle photo was taken in February when my friend Brad and I went to the lake in February. We were a bit too far away to get good photos, at least with my camera. There are two eagles in the photo shown here. The adult is flying below a juvenile perched above. Can you find the juvenile.?

Some Birds on Goldwater Lake

Image Captions

1  Goldwater Lake from the air
2  Great blue heron  in morning light
3  Adult and juvenile eagles
4  Female mallard looking good in morning light
5  Great blue heron watching cormorant fly by
6  Take off
7  Goldeneye with breakfast he just caught
8  Goldeneye zoomed in to show breakfast
9  Same goldeneye
10 Same goldeneye zoomed in so you can see him blinking and get another look at the crawdad
11 Nice wing tip dip on water - Cormorant
12 Great blue heron flying fast and low
13 Old man of the lake.

Cormorant doing a near vertical landing

The fisherman was talking to a friend and never saw the cormorant coming. I wonder if the cormorant knows there may be fish when there are fishing poles in the water.
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