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Eventually this page will have more content for you to view. For now, we will simply say this site is being built using WYSIWYG Web Builder. In the future we may share more items such as the Grand Canyon Slide Show.
To see another site built with the Web Builder go to
As an experiment I will add some photographs, from time to time, with a minimum of text content to my site. This will serve to give a bit of a visual diary to the site. The following gives an idea of the goal.

Photo Blog Experiment

On the May 2018 still images page:

On May 3 we had a heavy frost.

On May 9 we first photographed a stalk growing from one of our Desert Spoon plants. Some pictures have been posted. More to come. The stalk is still growing 6 to 10 inches per day.

Mother's Day flower added.

By May18 the Desert Spoon stalk was considerably taller. More pictures to be added later.

Additions or Changes

Under "Visuals"-"Motion Art"-"Slide Shows" you will now find two slide shows to view.
Rainy season = photogenic skies. Check out the pictures for July.
SEPTEMBER 2018: Images for September 2018 have been added. They are shown in a new slider which I may use on other pages as well.
JULY: Pictures for July have been added.
AUGUST 2018: Still haven't added images. When will I find time?
October and November 2018: Busy with other stuff so no images were added to this site.
December 2018: Added a slide show showing the moon setting behind Granite the same time the sun is rising and lighting the mountain.
October 2019: Added scanned images from an old book on Genesis that I'm reading. See it here.
November 18, 2019: Added SSL CERT so visitors won't get warnings about site being unsafe. It wasn't unsafe since this site doesn't do any transactions but now visitor will see the padlock and feel safer..

Reported Cases of COVID-19 in Yavapai County Where We Live

March 2020: Added some still photos.
I have moved Covid-19 information to the C-virus page.

File Upload

File uploading is being developed. When functional you can access it here but only if you know the password.