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Sun Rise on Granite Mountain Slide Show

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Sun Rise on Granite Mountain Notes

This video was made from 80 images of Granite Mountain. The camera, a DSLR, was located in our kitchen nook. It was aimed through an open window on a cool December 26, 2017 morning. Proshow Producer software was used to create the slide show and render the video.

Credits for the music go to Eric Kunsel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. The album is "Hollywood's Greatest Hits". Composer is Nino Rota. The title is "Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet". Don't ask me why that has anything to do with a sunrise video, except, it too is beautiful.

About one minute and fifty seconds into the show you finally see the sun hitting the mountain. We are blessed to see this from our house.
I suggest you watch the horizon in the beginning. You will see the last of the dark night sky being replaced by the rose colored sky. Then, as the rosy sky fades, the sun strikes the mountain top. The sunlight flows down the mountain and onto the plains below.

A few things have to come together to create a show like this. It is basically a time lapse movie. A perfectly calm day keeps the trees from moving and blurring. I prefer a cloudless sky so you can see the pink ring move down to the horizon as it chases the night sky away. Of course a nice camera and tripod and timer is needed. A warm kitchen helps keep the cold away.

This show consists of 80 images. The lapsed time was 13 minutes, 10 seconds (images are taken every 10 seconds). The exposure settings remained constant from beginning to end. Shutter = 1/10, Aperature = f10, ISO = 100. Focal length was 105 mm.

I hope you enjoyed the show.