September 2018 IMAGES

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Pictures in order shown are:

Images 1 -6 are of the area on the west side of town. We were on Iron Springs road.

Image 2 is Doce road. The place where the fire of 2013 began. That fire came within about 4.5 miles of our house.

Image 4 is a close up of rocks in image 3. Look at how similar the two formations are. How did that happen? It was sprinkling rain so I shot through the window with water drops on it. I want to go back and get a better picture.

Image 5 is Thumb Butte taken through car window as we drove by. Some years ago Alexa and I climbed to the shoulder where the trail ends. We went as far as we could without scrambling to the very top.

Image 6 is of down town Prescott in the rain.

Image 7 was taken in September, but not this year. It was taken in 2003. Pretty isn't she? Name that gal.

Image 8: Cotton Candy in the sky.

Image 9 is Watson Lake. We stopped there on way home from evening church. A nice way to end the day.

Images 10, 11, 12 are our secret garden in the forest near Granite Mt. The red stemmed plant In image Secret Garden 2 is Fetid Goose Foot.

Image 13 is a butterfly that we found in our secret garden. You are looking at it from below. Can you name it?

Image 14: Granite Mt. Estates in early morning sun.
NOTE: Some of the pictures taken west of Prescott, images 1-6, were shot through the windshield or side windows so the quality isn't the best.