RM Stelting

Web Site Development Services


There are two types of maintenance and we can help you with both. One is to Broomkeep your site clean of errors or out-of-date material. The other is to help you promote your site to search engine sites to improve and maintain a good ranking position.

Keeping Content Current

We will design your web site with maintenance in mind.

All useful web sites require maintenance at some point. Some are updated many times during a day, others are updated on a monthly basis.  Maintenance should be always be considered when the web site is created. There are things that can be done to minimize the costs associated with maintenance. We believe that responsible site designers will discuss maintenance issues with their clients before the design and development begins.

We take the drudgery out of web site maintenance.

Maintenance is not glamorous but it is necessary. If you don't have the people or the time to do this task we can help.

Maintenance must be timely

R M Stelting is interested in working with you in an on-going relationship to keep your web site current and effective. If staffing is your issue we can help you keep your site current and effective. As you know, it is very important to keep a web site current in today's rapidly changing business environment if you want your users to be able to depend on your site. Let us help you make a good impression on your site's visitors.

Search Engine Listing Services

First, we will work with you on the design factors that affect search engine ranking. Then, we encourage you to use our search engine submittal service to help you obtain the best possible listing position with search engine sites. It is important to take all reasonable steps to promote your site so that it can be found by those looking for your products or services and we are here to help ensure your success in this important area.