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DESIGN Considerations

RM STELTING specializes in developing and maintaining informational sites. We design web sites that take enable our clients provide information to their customers and to take order information on-line via secure order forms but we do not develop large data base driven commercial business sites that process transactions in real time on-line. The Boston Section IEEE web site illustrates this type of web site.

Our primary goal is to work with you to give you the web site that looks and works the way you want it to work and to do so at reasonable cost to you. When you succeed, we succeed.

Below we list areas of web site design, development, publishing, and maintenance in which we may be of service to you. Let RM Stelting serve you when you decide to go online.

RM STELTING  provides "one stop shopping" web services. By that we mean, we will do all of the work for you to obtain a registered domain name, design, develop, publish, and maintain your site. Our "one stop shopping" service is usually the preferred choice but we will quote on limited web service if you prefer.


Many factors are involved in the creation of a web site. Some are listed below. We want you to know what we can do to help you create a web site that is just right for you and your organization.

Your Goals

We work with our customers to develop web site designs that achieve the customer business goals. Cost, style, size, function, and other considerations are evaluated and agreed to before the site development work begins.

We can work with you to help you set and meet your web site goals and objectives.


The site will be developed using modern web design tools to assure that performance, cost, and maintenance goals are met. Prototypes of the web site will be developed, reviewed, and approved by the customer prior to publishing the web site on the Internet.


RM STELTING will work with you to develop the web site content, the information you wish to convey, in a manner that is effective on-line. We will help edit existing material, if you want, so that it communicates effectively in an electronic format.


Information should be located intuitively on your web site. Well structured sites that use navigation aids well is what we can help you achieve. 


We can provide simple to moderately involved graphic Irismaterial from our files or from commercially available sources. We do not create complex original graphics. We will work with your graphics design firm or assist you in locating a designer if needed. You can click to enlarge the image.

View some examples of linked images.

Buck Pronghorn

Swimming hole

Or, you can have a slide show.

This sample was created with ProShow Producer from Photodex Corporation. We also use ProShow to create professional slide shows that can run on various devices, such as a PC or DVD players.

Mouse Over Demo

Mouse over-demo. Sometimes called a roll over or hover. Try it here.


We can add links to other sites such as weather sites or map sites. These can be simple links such as you see below or a graphical link.

Check the weather here.


We can incorporate audio effects that you may have or sounds that are available commercially. We are not an audio recording laboratory. We can assist in locating an audio laboratory if you need to create original audio content. 


We do not develop video content but can incorporate video files that are commercially available or that are specially developed for your site. We will work with you.